2012 Retail Beef Backer® Award Winners

The 2012 Retail Beef Backer Award winners included Tops Friendly Markets as the Innovator of the Year, Broulim’s Fresh Foods in the Independent category, Redner's Warehouse Markets in the Mid-size Retailer category and Harris Teeter as the five-time Large Chain Retailer winner. Read below to learn more about the 2012 winners.

Left to right: Cindy Chan Phillips, Carol Gillis and Glenn Taylor with the New York Beef Industry Council; Jim Wojewodzki, Category Manager of Meat & Seafood,Tops Friendly Markets; Jim Lane, Director of Meat and Seafood, Tops Friendly Markets, and Jean O'Toole, New York Beef Industry Council      

Innovator of the Year
Tops Friendly Markets

The Innovator of the Year award recognizes a retailer that is a leader in the marketing and merchandising of beef. Tops Friendly Markets is the 2012 Innovator of the Year recipient for their exceptional ability to promote beef, driving beef sales in excess of $70 million in 2012 alone.

With stores across New York and Pennsylvania, Tops Friendly Markets has a rich history of promoting beef to consumers in partnership with the New York Beef Industry Council. Tops Friendly Markets successfully caters to various demographics and grows sales by meeting consumers’ ever-changing needs. A Hispanic Marketing toolkit grew metro market beef sales and its FreshCreations ready-to-cook program let shoppers add marinades, spices or rubs to their beef purchase. Additionally, Tops Friendly Markets encourages consumers to choose beef more often through prominent weekly featuring and engaging promotions like “Brown Bag Your Beef” and “What’s on Your Weekend Grill.”

Left to right: J. Morgan Evans, Idaho Beef Council; Jerry Tingey, Associated Foods’ meat support team; Brandon Leonard, Broulim's Rexsburg store meat manager, and Mike Smith, Corporate Meat Supervisor, Broulim's; Judy Hinman, Janice McGehee and Scott McNeley with the Idaho Beef Council      

Independent Retailer of the Year
Broulim's Fresh Foods

This three-time Beef Backer winner leverages checkoff-funded initiatives throughout its nine Eastern Idaho stores to drive beef demand with shoppers. In 2012, Broulim’s unveiled a “Magnificent Seven” promotional campaign that positioned meat managers as the go-to expert on beef – leading shoppers to seek out them out in stores, and an increase in beef sales. Broulim’s appeals to health- and value-conscious shoppers by featuring beef value cuts like the Denver Cut and Petite Tender Medallions. Broulim’s Fresh Foods’ works closely with the Idaho Beef Council to offer solutions such as seasonal campaigns and American Heart Association-certified beef cuts to drive beef demand with shoppers and ensure positive at-home beef eating experiences.

Left to right: Gary O’Brien, Vice President Retail Perishable Operations, Redner’s Warehouse Markets, Mike Lysakowski; Gary Redner, Executive Vice President of Procurement, Redner's Warehouse Markets; and Rick Merkel      

Mid-size Retailer of the Year
Redner's Wholesale Markets

This year’s winner in the midsize chain category is Redner’s Warehoues Markets, an employee-owned Northeast grocer that currently operates 42 stores across Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

This employee-owned chain knows how to keep beef front and center with shoppers. Its “Pick 5” campaign highlights six beef cuts per week and is the stores’ highest driver of beef sales. This profit-building program promotes shopper loyalty and can increase sales of certain cuts by more than 400 percent. As one of the few retailers still cutting their beef in-house, Redner’s is a leader in offering a variety of new beef cuts including the Denver Cut and Ribeye Filet. In partnership with the Pennsylvania Beef Council, Redner’s utilizes checkoff-funded shopper insights to create point-of-sale and marketing programs that educate consumers on beef nutrition and how to shop for and prepare beef.

Left to right: David Migala, North Carolina Cattlemen's Beef Council; Fred Printzlau, category manager of fresh and case meats, Harris Teeter; Luke LaPerriere, vice president of fresh and case meats, Harris Teeter; and Robert Crabb, North Carolina Cattlemen's Association      


Large Chain Retailer of the Year
Harris Teeter

This year’s large chain winner is North Carolina-based Harris Teeter, a five-time Beef Backer Award winner that continues to keep beef at the core of their business year after year. Harris Teeter serves over one million customers per week in their 211 stores across North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, Delaware, Florida and the District of Columbia.

Harris Teeter puts a priority on serving their customers’ needs in innovative ways, recently launching a new beef-only mobile website to bring cooking instructions, recipes and proper cutting methods’ by cut to shoppers’ fingertips. Harris Teeter’s beef sales continue to outpace the competition in part to its weekly front-page featuring of beef, seasonal promotions and a unique “Big Red Button” program that reconnects the consumer to the butcher. A new Meat Apprentice Program gave employees the skills to best educate shoppers on which beef cuts to purchase.
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