Beef Alternative Merchandising Training Manual

Review the Beef Alternative Merchandising (BAM) Training Manual for an overview of all aspects of the program from cutting steps to recipes. Download the sections by clicking on the links below. 

Section 1
Introducing Simply Beef and the Beef Alternative Merchandising program. This section includes target audience information and valuable industry and consumer research.


Section 2 
The BAM initiative. Here the BAM program is fully explained. This section includes a comprehensive overview, launch checklist, positioning strategies and merchandising schematics. 

Section 3
180 Beef Top Loin, Strip Loin. Easy steps show how to cut the Top Loin filet and petite roast. 

Section 4
184 Beef Loin, Top Sirloin Butt. How to cut the Top Sirloin filet, cap steak and petite roast. 

Section 5
112A Beef Rib, Ribeye. Learn how to generate the Ribeye filet, cap steak and petite roast. 

Section 6
Applied Cooking & Recipes. This section includes quick selling points for consumers and delicious cooked photography. 

Section 7
BAM Certification. Take BAM training to a new level with a fun and easy-to-implement certification program.


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