Top 10 Opportunity Cuts

This Top 10 analysis looks at beef cuts from the Brisket, Chuck, Loin, Round, Ribs, Misc (Cubes, Cubed Steak, Stew Meat, Stir Fry, and Strips) and Shoulder.

"Opportunity Cuts" are defined as cuts at or below the average price for all whole muscle beef cuts for the same timeframe.

  • Total U.S. Avg. Price = $6.21/lb.
  • California Avg. Price = $5.60/lb.
  • Great Lakes Region Avg. Price = $6.63/lb.
  • Midsouth Region Avg. Price = $6.83/lb.
  • Northeast Region Avg. Price = $6.34/lb.
  • Plains Region Avg. Price = $6.71/lb.
  • South Central Region Avg. Price = $5.25/lb.
  • Southeast Region Avg. Price = $7.06/lb.
  • West Region Avg. Price = $5.86/lb.

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