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Your shoppers are ready for more beef in the prepared foods department – are you?

Sales of fresh prepared foods at retail are expected to grow from $27.5 billion in 2014 to $35.1 billion in 2017, increasing at a rate of 8.5 percent annually. Compared to 4% restaurant sales growth forecasted for the same period, it’s obvious retail prepared foods are meeting a need not filled by restaurants or retail alone.

Stores looking to grow their supermarket foodservice program should look no further than Beef.
Beef is a sales leader in both the retail meat case and in foodservice; it’s time to put the profit power of beef to work in the prepared foods area.

Here's four reasons to include beef within your store's fresh prepared foods program:

1     Unparalleled Love: Your shoppers eat beef regularly; 30% of consumers eat beef 3+ times a week, and 83% plan to eat the same amount or more in the future. This strong desire for beef translates into sales for your store’s fresh meat case and for foodservice; let beef do the same for your fresh prepared foods department.

2   Unmatched Potential: Beef accounts for only 1% of dollar sales in retail prepared foods yet half of consumers who’ve made a prepared foods purchase say they want to see more beef items available in the prepared foods section. Give shoppers what they want and see your sales grow.

3   Unbeatable Performance: Beef delivers a satisfying eating experience for the customer and it’s a viable solution for any menu. Beef holds well, it’s easy for store staff to execute, and it maintains its signature flavor and texture whether enjoyed hot in store, or reheated at home.

4   Unlimited Options: Beef fits into all cuisines, day parts and menu trends and there are many creative ways to menu beef that add value for shoppers, and manage your food costs. The possibilities are endless.

Click below for resources to help your store menu the beef your shoppers crave.

Inspiration and ideas for your supermarket foodservice menu.        See how other retailers are menuing beef in stores.        Review resources to help you train staff and talk to shoppers about beef.

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