Beef University

What is Beef University?

Beef University is your comprehensive resource on beef. This free, one-of-a-kind training program gives you access to downloadable training tools such as PowerPoint presentations, fact sheets and videos to use for staff trainings or professional development. Beef U is available on an online platform that lets users do much more than download materials; Beef U members can directly connect with beef industry experts, share feedback on training courses, express interest in additional education needs and more.

How can my store use Beef University?

Click here to explore the fully-customizable and free resources. You’ll be prompted to become a member of the Beef U online community. Membership allows you to download all of the materials for free and engage with other members and the Beef Checkoff.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on using Beef U. Or read this guide to getting started.
Contact us at to learn more about customized Beef U training for your operation, or one-on-one training with beef's culinary experts.

Why does my team need to know more about beef?

More than ever before, shoppers are curious about the food they eat and are looking to retailers for this information. Shoppers also admit they’re only familiar with about 2-3 of the beef cuts they see in the meat case. Training staff will lead to improved customers service, which translates to an improved bottom line for meat departments. 

What topics will Beef U help my team learn about? 

Beef U covers everything retail professionals need to know on how beef is raised and sold from farm to fork. The training courses can be used in their entirety, or customized to share topics most relevant for your team. 

Raising Beef Today
Beef Basics
Beef Preparation
Beef Cuts
Beef in Retail
Beef in Foodservice

How do I best utilize Beef U in my store?

The downloadable Beef U courses and fact sheets are perfect to use as-is for team or individual trainings. Yet, all of the training courses are fully customizable, so stores can edit the content to share topics most relevant for your team, or embed the information into your existing staff training materials. 

How do I encourage my team to use the training?

Our Train the Trainer guide has tips and ideas on the best ways to encourage engagement in Beef U. For example, combine trainings with a hands-on component, such as a cutting or cooking demo, to spark your teams’ interest. Or create a Beef U “Certification” program among your staff, and offer badges or signage to promote course completion and encourage ongoing learning. 

Contact us at to learn more about customized Beef U training for your operation, or one-on-one training with beef's culinary experts.

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