Beef Alternative Merchandising

Improve Middle Meat Sales with Beef Alternative Merchandising Program

The award-winning Beef Alternative Merchandising (BAM) program creates a new opportunity to stimulate sales of your most profitable protein – Beef.

As the experts on beef supply and demand and consumers’ purchasing behaviors, we saw a need for a solution that addressed larger carcass sizes, an abundance of middle meats and consumers’ increasing interest in variety and portion control.

The BAM  program is an on-trend marketing opportunity that offers an alternative merchandising technique around new methods to further fabricate Ribeyes, Top Loins and Top Sirloins to create small filets and roasts.

Implement BAM to capitalize on the profitability of middle meats while creating even more satisfying eating experiences for consumers. In-market tests show strong consumer purchase interest in the new cuts and how BAM helps keep unit prices acceptable and offer portions at a thickness that provides good eating experience.

A proven sales driver, BAM appeals to smaller households and health-conscious shoppers. In fact, 7 of the 8 BAM cuts now qualify as Lean.

Contact us to learn how to make the BAM program work for you and your meat department.

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