The Power of Meat 2014

An In-Depth Look at Consumer Meat-Buying Behavior

The 2014 Power of Meat study explored the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of 1,406 U.S. consumers regarding fresh and processed meat and poultry. The 2014 report found that price per pound – although still top of mind – is at its lowest importance since 2008, and other factors like nutrition, preparation knowledge and convenience are starting to influence what they buy and where they shop.

Here’s how retailers can capitalize on the Power of Meat findings to meet consumer demand for beef and drive beef purchases:

What the Power of Meat
Tells Us


The Beef Checkoff Solution

      Offer Beef Alternative Merchandising cuts for shoppers to enjoy a quality steak eating experience at a lower price per package

 Price and package size remain top factors in meat purchase decisions

    Introduce Slice 'n Save to help shoppers save up to $2 per pound by cutting their own steaks and roasts
        Help shoppers navigate higher prices with this Six Ways to Save on Beef infographic
      Search our Images & Recipes database for free content to use in weekly featuring activity in print and online

The print circular remains consumers’ top tool when making their shopping list

  • 75% review the print circular at home
  • 47% pick up a copy in store
  • 32% review online

Keep an organized and well-stocked meat case to help the 90 percent of shoppers who check prices in-store. Use this price modeling and profitability tool to determine your ideal product mix and a profitable price point
      Check out the monthly sales and featuring summary report to benchmark your stores' featuring activity against industry trends
85 percent of shoppers create shopping lists before heading to the store         Highlight beef in weekly featuring activity
      Promote beef cuts and preparation methods on your stores' social media properties. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to share relevant cooking and shopping tips with shoppers

Use Beef University and Better Beef Sales training programs to build your team’s beef expertise

Shoppers say customer service and having a butcher on hand are two very important factors in deciding where to shop        
    Direct shoppers to online tools on how to shop for and prepare beef such as Confident Cooking with Beef and the Interactive Butcher Counter
    Display the Retail Beef Cuts poster back of house and near the meat counter to educate staff and shoppers about the variety of beef cuts and their recommended cooking methods
          Engage your store's registered dietitian to help educate shoppers on beef and drive meat case sales
          Provide value-added options like kabobs, strips for stir-fry, pre-marinated steaks and pre-formed burger patties
Shoppers increasingly make last-minute decisions about dinner and seek convenient meal options      
Cross merchandise ingredients commonly used in the recipes shoppers turn to when they're short on time - casseroles, pasta dishes and grilled beef
        Incorporate beef into the Prepared Foods section using on-trend, convenient options to compete with foodservice for the dinner dollar
        Implement the Beef Alternative Merchandising program to provide your shoppers with smaller filets and roasts from the top-selling Ribeye, Top Loin and Sirloin beef subprimals
Shoppers see value in packaging options and they’re likely to buy more based on the ease of use and cleanliness of a product         Contact the Beef Checkoff to learn about introducing innovative packaging options in the meat case
        Offer savings and variety with Bargain Beef Bundles - package multiple portion sizes and types of beef cuts together


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