Four Steps to Prepare Your Meat Case for the Holidays

Shoppers are more likely to turn to the service counter as they start planning for holiday gatherings and special occasion meals, and they’re looking to beef for their celebrations. Ensure that your meat department is prepared for the Q4 boost in beef demand by following these proven merchandising techniques.

1. Feature beef in weekly ad activity

Beef accounts for more than 50% of total meat department sales, and research shows that advertised specials draw even more shopper attention to the meat case. In fact, featuring beef increases sales, even if the price shown isn’t a sale price. 

2. Stock the cuts your shoppers want

Increased beef sales will improve cash flow during the prime holiday time. To help, we have data on the most popular cuts by region and time of year, and merchandising materials to promote beef’s most convenient cuts. Review these reports to find out what beef cuts will sell best for your store.  

3. Raise Roasting Confidence

Shoppers find roasting intimidating, while others simply need inspiration. Offer roasting tips and new recipes at your meat counter to increase consumers’ roasting confidence.  

  • Refer to our newly-developed Roast images and recipes in shopper communications, weekly ads and in stores. Developed by leading beef culinary experts, all recipes feature no more than six pantry-friendly ingredients, keeping it simple and allowing you the opportunity to cross-merchandise throughout the store. 
  • Distribute 3 Simple Steps Cooking Resources to build consumer confidence in Oven Roasting and Pot Roasting
  • Drive shoppers to visit our online Butcher Counter – a mobile-friendly interactive meat case on the new
  • Package roasts with pop-up timers to give shoppers confidence in preparing roasts.

4. Align meat department goals with shopper communications plans

As shoppers turn to in-store magazines, social media and promotional events for holiday home-cooking tips, you can boost sales by making sure beef is top of mind before they even reach the meat case. Partnering with your store’s communications and marketing department will help align your meat department goals with the tactics being used to reach customers.

Contact our Account Development Manager to discuss how the Beef Checkoff can support you with articles, images, social media content, and other plans.

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